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  • Desert Dweller.
  • Storyteller.
  • Diaper Smeller.

My Story

I am an author, a mom and a wife. I have a novel coming out soon and four kids to raise. Sometimes things get messy.

Follow this born and raised Arizona girl trying to master motherhood, marriage, and my dreams. Join me as I chase my passion and pursue everyday joy.

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I write, read and watch sci-fi with a soft center.
Relatable characters facing otherworldly encounters
is kind of my jam. Time travel, aliens, parallel universes… it’s all good. 

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I’m currently writing a time travel novel. Follow
my journey to publication and pick up my book
when it’s out!

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The Passion-Filled Parent
I am a mom and I also have dreams that exist beyond that role.

I’ll admit it. There was a point where I thought because I have kids it meant my dreams had to wait. I thought because I needed to earn a paycheck I couldn’t waste time on pursuits that didn’t earn me money (yet). I thought time was something I had to wait to find instead of something I could create.

I was wrong.

I am four kids deep and achieving SO MUCH MORE THAN I THOUGHT POSSIBLE during this season of life. Join me as I share about it on my blog.


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