The Luxury of Time Travel

Time travel doesn’t happen in a car or a phone booth, it happens in our minds. With our memories as the only map, time travel is different for everyone.

London is the daughter of a psychic, resistant to her own abilities. Gable is a scientist, desperate to find a safe cure for his mother’s debilitating depression.

As teenagers, their gifts collide and they unwittingly create the first instance of manufactured time travel. The results are a catastrophe and before they can come to terms with what they have done, they are separated.

Years go by without contact. London has been living with her mother at The Institute, a privately funded entity that has caught on to the fact that a mixture of psychic talent and science can unlock the ability to time travel for everyone. It’s here that Gable and London are reunited.

Thrust back into each other’s lives with years of guilt, confusion and desperation between them the pair work to reproduce the event they accidently stumbled upon when they were young.

As the world watches and waits for their chance to have access to this luxury, London and Gable grapple with the technical and moral impact of their work.

When the breakthrough of the millennia finally goes mainstream, London and Gable will once again find themselves at the mercy of their own creation. Caught in a mixture of time and memories, choices and roads not traveled, it will ultimately fall on London to decide if time travel gives a person the right to choose their own life or if we are all just victims of infinite choices.